May 15, 2022    Kyle Rodriguez

Though oft-neglected at the back of our Bibles, the book of Revelation is a stunning picture of the glory of God woven throughout history meant to draw his people into courageous, hopeful endurance. But many of us are intimidated by Revelation—with its intense, supernatural visions and unfamiliar symbols—seeing it as an elaborate codebook that only the most scholarly can crack. Others are obsessed with working to crack the code and are certain that doing so will unlock our understanding of specific current events and help us predict the future.

But Revelation is first and foremost a letter to churches, a letter that is meant to equip the people of God in every geographical locale, every modern time period. It is a revealing of the things unseen, reminding us that there is more to reality than simply what is physically in front of us. It is a revealing of the King of Kings who once was dead, but now is alive and is working all things together for his glory and the good of his people. It is meant to be read, to be understood, and to be rejoiced in.