Confirmation and Worship

Dec 11, 2022    Kyle Rodriguez

Here, the promises to both Mary and Elizabeth are confirmed: John really does have the Spirit dwelling in him, even in his mother’s womb (1:15), and Jesus really will be the Lord of God’s people (1:32-33). God’s Word has been confirmed by the testimony of his Spirit in his people. What a comfort to the people of God to have his Spirit confirm his promises in the midst of their waiting!

And in response to that confirmation, the people of God worship—even as they yet wait. For in their confirmation, God’s people are reminded that the promises of God are secure in the character of God, and they believe. And that belief prompts them to worship the God who lifts up the humble. 

Waiting may feel like a poor, weak, foolish, humiliating exercise. But in receiving confirmation of his promises, God’s people are reminded that he is one who exalts those of humble estate, prompting them to grateful worship.