Suffering & Promises

Nov 27, 2022    Kyle Rodriguez

Zechariah and Elizabeth have endured much suffering despite their righteousness, being barren. In the same way, Israel had thus endured much suffering unto this point, being under the rule of the Romans and enduring centuries of silence from the Lord. 

But, the Lord here gives a promise: The suffering is coming to an end, that joy will come. A child will be born to Zechariah and Elizabeth, and that same child will make the people of the Lord ready for his imminent arrival. 

There is a bit of “meta” happening here. Just as John will prepare the people for the ultimate fulfillment of God’s covenant promises, the announcement of God’s promises themselves prepare us for the ultimate fulfillment, “turning” us to the Lord. The Lord hears our prayers in suffering, and in advance of fully and completely answering us, he reminds us of his promises, making us ready for his final “Yes and Amen.”

In the midst of our suffering, God grants his promises to turn us back to him, making us ready for the full and final restoration of joy in the promises’ fulfillment.