Intervention and Faithfulness

Dec 4, 2022    Ethan Ezikian

This story is contrasted with the story of Zechariah and Elizabeth. Where they were praying and waiting for the Lord to work, Mary was completely surprised as the Lord surprisingly and miraculously intervened. Where Zechariah questioned how he should “know” the truth of the angel’s promise, Mary questioned how the miracle would come about. Where Zechariah’s ability to speak was taken away in response to this promise, Mary speaks a word of submission and faithfulness in response to this promise. 

Ultimately, the message of this pericope is that Jesus is even greater than John. The miraculous intervention of Christ is the greater and truer work of God than any other promise fulfillment that the Lord makes. As we wait upon the Lord for the fulfillment of lesser promises, we should look to the ultimate fulfillment in Christ as our greatest hope—which allows us to follow Mary’s example of radically faithful submission to the Lord. 

Though we are often overwhelmed by the tension of waiting for the Lord to work here and now to bless, preserve, and comfort us, the knowledge of the greater miracle of Christ and his intervening salvation prompts us to faithfully submit to the Lord’s plans that are greater than we could ever imagine.